Day by Day Support Services - Ó Lá Go Lá

Day by Day Support Services - Ó Lá Go Lá is a Not for Profit Organisation  registered in Ireland which was set up to provide supervised support to help reduce Suicide, Depression and other Stress Related Illness to service users, who are in need of emotional support and encouragement.
 The support we offer is not advice, therapy or counselling and it is not intended to replace any of the above. What we do offer is instant on-line support to a person who may be experiencing something in their life which they may be finding difficult to cope with. Our service's are a stepping stone for the individual until they are ready to reach out and have the necessary provisions for professional help and support put into place.
 •  Peer to Peer support platform which is facilitated and monitored through the social networking site Facebook. It is facilitated by trained Admins. We invite our service users to come and support each other through discussion, topics and open forums. https://www.facebook.com/olagola
 • Our non crisis support is offered through a confidential email support service. Service users of our non crisis email service is offered confidential, emotional support and encouragement and often signposted to other relevant organisations/supports best suited to each individuals needs and location. Emails are answered within 48-72 hours.   noncrisis@olagola.org
 • Crisis support is available through an instant chat messaging service  for individuals who deem themselves to be in crisis. This is a one to one confidential support service with one of our administrators. www.olagola.org
We welcome you to Day by Day Support Services - Ó Lá Go Lá and to share in our vision in providing this support to prevent unnecessary deaths by suicides and to support those in need.
“A safe, on-line community providing care, support and empowerment. A Support Site For Life”